Monday, December 4, 2017

Which one would serve a stranger the best?

The Rock of Jesus Christ--the DoC and the Sermon--for some reason, has been omitted from the next round of voting.  I think this is done in error.

Just because Log is a bit...intransigent about this doesn't mean that his proposal should be automatically disqualified.

It fits the criteria:

1.  Log has repeatedly invited input on it at .  It isn't just Log's statement--my wife and I, and I imagine others, have given input.
2. It is a statement.
3. It has just as much mutual agreement as any other G&S, which is to say, it doesn't.
4. It is the most important stuff for a newcomer to know.  Additionally, it is parsimonious--it says the most important stuff in the fewest words.
5. Except for two introductory sentences, it is entirely made of the words of Christ, and the most important ones at that. What could be wiser than the words of Christ?

I'm not saying that the DoC and Sermon absolutely has to be the only possible G&S, but it would be Bold AF to say that the DoC and Sermon is who we are striving to be.

I'm willing to bet a thousand dollars that The Rock of Jesus Christ--the DoC and the Sermon--would get at least 33% of the votes if it was put to a vote against the Aug 5 document, the 7 Lotsters' document, and the original Savage version.  It should be included in the voting process.

If Keith Henderson is willing to act as Central Bookie, I offer this bet.

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