Thursday, November 23, 2017

Dave's Strongman Catch 22

It is my impression that Denver really doesn't want this to be the church of Denver Snuffer, LDS 2.0. He doesn't want to be our strongman.  He doesn't want to be our leader.  He doesn't want us to canonize his non-revelatory statements.  What if he meant it when he said

"The “Strongman” model with only one prophetic figure will not work if you seek Zion."*
        *(Yes I am quoting Dave's Lecture 6 here, but then, I'm not canonizing my blog)

What if Denver doesn't want to be our Ezekiel 14 idol?  

So if my impression is accurate, how should Dave react when people call him "The Servant" or "The Servant David"?  Should he order us to stop making him our idol?  If he did, would that be an act of unrighteous dominion on his part?

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