Saturday, November 25, 2017

Boulevard of Broken Zions

Last night I had a dream.(I did not have a dream, I'm making this up.)  I was in the spirit world.  I was having a conversation with people from all times, nations, and dispensations.

We each talked about our unique situations.

"I lived in the time of Moses," one said, "as we were led out of Egypt."

"I lived as a Nephite near the time of Jesus."  "I fought alongside Coriantmur."  "I was a pioneer who crossed the plains and settled Utah." said others.

Finally it was my turn.  "I lived in the days of Denver Snuffer," I said.

A hush fell over the crowd.

Then they all started laughing.  "You were part of the group that failed because they couldn't come to mutual agreement on a statement of principles," they said with tears of laughter.  "We failed over golden calf orgies, secret combinations, genocide, and polygamous secret combinations!  We got rich and got laid," they said.  "What do you have to show for your broken covenant?"

"Ummmm...I had a really cool iPhone.  I mean, I didn't have to break a covenant or anything to get it,  but it was still cool."

I woke up, really, really embarrassed.

I guess I'm willing to support the G&S.

It's not the one I would've written.  It's not even in my top 3 preferred G&S versions.  Although I hesitate to accuse any of blasphemy, Shalyce's words voicing God don't ring true to me.

But I have little faith in the ability of the group to mutually agree on anything else.  I really hope that God doesn't interpret the phrase "mutual agreement" to mean 100% of covenant takers.  If it does mean 100% then I don't like our chances.

I don't like the idea that 100% is obtained by removing any non-supporters from the covenant body.

I don't know how we get to Zion from here.  But I remain hopeful, believing that Christ has accomplished harder things.  I ask Him to have mercy on us.

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