Sunday, November 11, 2018

Announcement: Infinite Remnant Broadcast

We, as a covenant people, applaud the efforts in engraving the eternal teachings of Denver, even, Dave, on metal plates to be found by future generations after the coronal mass ejection wipes out our modern technologies.

In addition to this effort, scientists from the LZ Slackers Fellowship, with help from John Pratt, are announcing a new initiative.  In an effort to seek the lost sheep remnant, wherever they may be found, we will be broadcasting the complete The Servant Denver Snuffer discography toward Antares.

Furthermore, we will be initiating a broadcast of this message underground for subterranean Israelites.  They will be invited to bring their prophets and their rich treasures, which, we can only assume, consist of a big pile of diamonds to buy us a temple.

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