Thursday, August 26, 2021

Zion and the jab

I was reading the “build a house” parable today.  The group who wanted to haul the stone to the place had the much harder path than those who found the clay on site and made bricks.  

"Those who had compassion said, The master's house is finished. What need is there for further labor to carry stone for the house? Let us not waste the effort of our fellow servants who have labored hardest, and we will put the stones to good use."

The stone builders were in the wrong, but those who had compassion (and the master) found value in the labor of the stoners.

In the end the Master said that 

"all of you have labored to do as I have commanded, and proven your faithfulness."

--even though there was “a season of quarreling and disputing”

"I ask again, What have you learned? What ought you to have learned?

…But I say again, there was honor in the labor of others. Whereas I look upon the heart and see faithful service, many among you do not look at, nor see, nor value what I the Lord love in the hearts of my people. As I have said before, I say again, Love one another, labor willingly alongside each other….All who have been faithful are mine." (emphasis mine)

There are specific and general implications in this parable.  Perhaps one thing that we ought to have learned is that it seems that the master is very generous in accepting the genuine labor of the servants, even if it happens to be wrongheaded.  Perhaps the Lord isn't looking for a people who are right about everything all the time.

So let’s talk politics and covid and all that.  Those who believe that the vax is more bad than good probably have an obligation to warn their neighbor about it.  And those who believe the vax is more good than bad probably have an obligation to warn their neighbor about it. One group is more or less correct. Time will perhaps tell.

"Friendships have been and are being undermined because of conflicting opinions about this virus. A great deal of the basis for the current opinions are based upon rumors, suspicions, fears and outright lies. Both ill-informed social media and respected leaders have used this as a wedge issue to divide us. Why are we letting that happen? It is our choice to respond with fear and anger."

There is honor in both people’s labor, even if they see the world differently from you. If we cease to be able to labor willingly alongside each other, we may be in danger of not being considered faithful.

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