Sunday, April 5, 2020

Interesting symbolism in the hosanna shout

We've had 5 proclamations now. Like them or not, the 1st 3 all had new information, and were not received with a hosanna shout.  The Living Christ proclamation received no hosanna shout.

The symbolism of 3 old men alone in a room shouting hosanna has some impressive symbolism. Will the last person to leave the church please turn out the lights?


Given that the leaves were green in upstate NY, this was taped no later than September 2019.  This is the big thing they’ve been building up to even before the last conference. They're all out of ideas. They give us regurgitated slop and expect us to shout with joy.

There is actually some nice symbolism in Joseph opening the dispensation in a grove of barren trees

But the word hosanna--God save us-- is fitting: We can still look to God and not these jokers.

Joseph Smith said that “no unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing” While I wouldn't claim that God sent a global pandemic just to own the morms,  It seems like corona has stopped the church's work from progressing.

Me seeing Nelson in the sacred grove:


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